Providing Telehealth Services Under Medicare During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduction to Telehealth Services

Telehealth is a digital health solution that connects the patient and clinician through real-time audio and video technology. It can be used as an alternative to traditional in-person care delivery, and, in certain circumstances, can be used to deliver care such as the diagnosis, consultation, treatment, education, care management, and self- management of patients.

Who is telehealth for?

All authorized clients and patients who have access to and are willing to use technology for a visit with their provider, physician or allied practice provider. Clients and patients must also meet clinical protocols that allow for a telehealth visit.

When should I use telehealth?

When you need to contact your speech and language agency or provider about personal health information, test results, care management, follow- up care, or recommendations that may not need a physical, in-person visit. Why other patients like telehealth:
1. More convenient: Care when you need it, from the comfort of your home. No travel costs or hassles.
2. Better patient experience:
No waiting rooms or long queues. Less risk of spreading or contracting infectious disease.

Who will pay for virtual visits?

1. During COVID-19 Many insurance companies, Regional Centers and employer-sponsored health plans will pay. Contact HR, Regional Center or your health insurance representative to verify that telehealth is covered under your plan.
2. Patients often choose to pay out of pocket. Contact us about our flat-fee option.


Source: National Consortium of Telehealth 118 Resource Centers

Disclaimer: This document is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical, legal, financial, or consulting advice, or as a substitute for the advice of an attorney or other financial or consulting professional. Each health care organization is unique and will need to consider its particular circumstances and requirements, which cannot be contemplated or addressed in this document.

When you register for telehealth in our clinic and follow the instructions for our telehealth platform sign-up.
1.Make sure you have a desktop or laptop computer or a tablet or smartphone with a good-quality camera and microphone, Internet speed of at least 384 kps; Wi-Fi is preferred
2.A private space with limited background noise and good lighting
3.Double check your camera for clarity
4.You will have to verify your name, contact information, and location and show a government-issued photo ID
5.You will be informed about privacy and confidentiality laws, including cybersecurity in writing
6.You will be asked to consent to receive telehealth care
7.Your encounter with your provider will be as similar as possible to a typical in-person visit
8.Our front office will be able to help arrange follow-up care, prescription orders and schedule your next appointment.
9.You will be asked to fill out a quick patient feedback form at the end of the visit to help us improve our telehealth experience.